Why I love writing about football

A tentative return to writing as university mentalness begins to die down; here’s why I enjoy writing about football.

For many years now I have enjoyed and admired the writing of established football scribes, such as Paul Hayward, Henry Winter, Sid Lowe and Iain Macintosh. I have had mixed feelings towards a lot of the writing in the modern – mainly mainstream – media, varying from ‘I want to do this, to be able to write as well as this and be as informed as the author’ to ‘I could write better than this; what on earth is he/she going on about?’
I’ve worked for my school newspaper as a sports reporter, sports editor and editor; with the emergence of blogs and Twitter – allowing a different, almost ‘underground’ type of football writing – I’m able to read an awful lot more and gain more knowledge, which only adds to my already-burning passion to write about football.
I love writing about football, mainly because there is so much to cover. Even just one solitary weekend in the English Premier League can throw up stories, or bring an end to a long-running saga. That’s one league in one country – you could go further down the leagues in England or travel across Europe, or even the world, and find so many interesting stories – and it’s the job of a football writer to inform those who will listen of these tales.
Apart from actually playing the game, what could be better than thinking, talking and writing about football day-in, day-out? Yes, it must be stressful with all the deadlines and barriers that journalists face – but it’s the kind of stress that must be exhilarating rather than exhausting.
Whether it’s an opinion piece on whether Steve Kean should be sacked or backed, a news item on Sepp Blatter’s latest blunder or a good old fashioned rant on Robbie Savage – football writing is just darn-right fun.

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