McFly Are Back, And They’ve Got A New Sound

They’re back. The band that brought us massive hits such as ‘5 Colours In Her Hair’, ‘Obviously’ and ‘All About You’ are back. It’s been two years since they last released a studio album, Radio:ACTIVE, but it looks as if the pop-rock band are coming back with a bang.

            Their new track, ‘Party Girl’, is certainly a change in direction for the four-man band. They haven’t had a number one song since 2007, with ‘Baby’s Coming Back/Transylvania’, but the former-Busted support act look to be on their way to a winner with their new sound.
            After splitting from their record company, Island, and forming their own label, Super Records, the band decided to go in a completely new direction for their upcoming album, ‘Super City’. It will surprise many to hear that McFly have teamed up with Dallas Austin to create the new album. Austin has worked with great acts such as Madonna, Michael Jackson and Pink. They’ve also done some collaborating with British R&B star Taio Cruz. The artist, who recently released his smash hit ‘Break Your Heart’ in America to give the urban sensation another number one single, has also been working with JLS and Cheryl Cole.
            Long-time fans of McFly, though, are not impressed. The new sound uses synthesizers and Lady Gaga-like sounds instead of the pop rock that they are used to. The band’s MySpace page was inundated with negative comments about the single, with one member saying that the song ‘wasn’t like McFly’ and that she ‘didn’t like it’.
McFly are the second band that has recently turned to synthesizers when creating music. The latest JLS track, ‘The Club Is Alive’, is a completely different sound to their previous hits ‘Beat Again’ and ‘Everybody In Love’. Different, though, does not necessarily mean bad.
            McFly were first formed in 2004, with lead singer Tom Fletcher being the main architect. After auditioning for Busted, being accepted into the band and then being left out of the band, Fletcher decided to go his own way, although he still co-wrote a lot of the Busted hits, ‘Crashed The Wedding’, ‘Who’s David’ and ‘Air Hostess’, alongside James Bourne. After Danny Jones, Dougie Poynter and Harry Judd had joined, McFly were created.
            Their first album, ‘Room On The Third Floor’ was a huge hit in the UK, going to number one and selling over 600,000 copies, giving the album a 2x platinum status. Their 2005 album, ‘Wonderland’ also went to number one and sold over 300,000 copies; another platinum album. After their 2006 album ‘Motion In The Ocean’, was not as successful, only going to number six in the charts and gaining gold status, the band decided to give away their 2008 album free in the Mail on Sunday newspaper. After recording a live album at Wembley in 2009, the band went back into the studio and created this new sound that will be oh-so-popular in the charts of today.    
            The hype surrounding the new single is huge. Talking to IN:DEMAND Radio, Fletcher stated that it was ‘nice to be back’ and the band had ‘changed and moving on’. When asked about the album, the singer said that the release date will be ‘around November’. 
             So exciting times for McFly fans and music fans across the globe; it seems that the current trend of synthesized music isn’t going to be stopped any time soon.
You can listen to a sample of the song on the band’s MySpace page, or the full song here:, courtesy of justjack92 on YouTube. All copyright to the band and Super Records.


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