Result is ‘a big disappointment’, says Roberts

This is an interview that I did with BGS number five, Haydn Roberts, after the Inter Schools League Cup Final.

After Boston Grammar School were defeated by rivals Middlecott in the League Cup final, I spoke to BGS star Haydn Roberts to get his reaction.

How did you feel about the result?
It was a disappointment, but we’re all just happy about getting to the final really.

And how do you feel about the team performance?
I thought we played very well, obviously without our main player (Phillips) who has done well for us all season. But we showed good character and everyone put in 100% and I was really pleased. And all of the boys are as well.

And your personal performance?
Yeah, I played alright, not as well as I have previously but I did ok, thought I did my job alright.

How did you feel when Olly Phillips was not going to be playing in such a big game?
It was disappointing, obviously, because he has played so well for us and he is the captain, but it also gave us the chance to show what we can do without him.

What did you think of the tries that Grammar scored? Dave Abell’s?
I though it was well taken, he did well to pick it up and turn on the gas, and beat his man with a good finish.

And Alex Pycock’s?
I thought that Pycock’s was a great individual effort, great running, using his pace well like he always does. But I think that Ollie Whitehead did very well, getting the ball behind our try line and passing to Pycock whilst being under pressure so he did well.

And the last try, by Alex Poole?
Yeah, it was a good finish, a good move with a couple of good passes before.

Were you disappointed not to win?
I don’t think we were the better team, I thought we could have done a few things differently, would have made it a more interesting game. But we did well to keep with them for the best part of the game, for 75% of the game we were keeping up with them but yeah, everyone was disappointed of course, but we’ve just got to get our heads up again.

When (Dave) Abell scored the first try early on what were the feelings within the team?
We were pleased; we know it is important to get a good start. Every match we play in we’ve got to take our chances and we were pleased that we did it so early on. But I think we could have done a few things differently after he scored.

Some of the players before the game were a bit disheartened, saying that they had no chance of winning. How did affect the team?
I think that when we got the squad there was some bad news, you know, we were missing some good players, but when we thought about it we realised that there was still a good chance of us winning the game. There were 15 players on that pitch and four subs, you know, we’re a team. We’ll win together and we’ll lose together.

Seeing as though it is a huge rivalry between the two teams, did that add a little edge to the game?
It livened up the occasion, we’ve all got a lot of respect for their players but when it comes to the game you’ve got to do whatever you can do win. It was a big game, a good atmosphere, a lot of people came to watch so it was a good game to play in.

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